First Responders talk about ESChat operations on FirstNet Band 14 networks.

Zetron MAX-Dispatch
AIS Integration

ESChat Features Video
P25 Interop via ISSI

2015 Alpine World Ski Championships
FirstNet Colorado

FirstNet Authority video highlighting
ESChat customer AAA Ambulance

Flavors of PTT over Cellular

A Whitepaper by Andy Seybold:
A detailed comparison of Push to Talk over Cellular Architectures, including; Overthe Top, Carrier Integrated and MCPTT.

ESChat Comes to the Rose Parade

A Case Study by Andy Seybold
ESChat was used by FirstNet early builder LA-RICS at the 2016 Rose Parade as part of their strategy to better manage P25 Radio resources.

ESChat stands out from the crowd.

A Whitepaper by Andy Seybold
An in depth look at the details of the ESChat architecture, including server & Client features and LMR Interoperability.

ESChat Markets

Law Enforcement

Federal, State & Local Gov't Agencies


Water, Power, Electric & General Services


Trucking, Taxi, Limo, Towing, Bus & More

Health Care

Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Transportation


Contractors, Inspectors, Drivers & More


School Districts & Universities


Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Concierge

Your Secure PTT network can be live within minutes. Call 805-541-5044 to activate your service today.
Partners can promote their brand and sell reliable PTT service with the ESChat white label program.
Developers can integrate reliable PTT into existing products or create new solutions all together.
Integrate your existing LMR network with ESChat. ESChat supports compatibility with all networks, including Analog, P25, DMR, NEXEDGE, TETRA, MotoTRBO or others
ESChat supports interfaces to most third party Local Control or Dispatch Console products. Contact us to find the best option for integrating your Dispatch Console.
ESChat supports all SIPREC based professional recording and logging systems, including Eventide and NICE.

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